Pet Friendly Removals – Not as Difficult

Moving houses is tough, and it can potentially become even tougher if you are moving with your favourite pet animal by your side. The stress can take a toll on the poor thing, not to mention that animals can actually get in the way of the preparations for the whole moving day. So here are a few things that you can do in order to make sure things go smoothly.

What to do prior to your moving day

The first and most important thing that you need to do in order to guarantee a pet friendly moving experience is to have a talk with your movers about this precise aspect of the project. Most licensed removal firms in London offer completely pet friendly services, the thing is that you need to inform them in advance that you have a cat, a dog or another animal as a member of your family so that they can be prepared to meet their need. What is more, since your professional movers are more than likely to have dealt with situations similar to yours many times before, they would be able to give you useful tips and support that were drawn from experience. One should not underestimate experience.

Cat and a dogIn many households cats and dogs are allows to roam freely throughout the house. While this is a good thing in most situations, when you are preparing for the move you might think about restricting access to certain areas so that your animal does interfere with your packing and other preparation procedures.

Before your moving day comes, you will have to do a little pet-related research of your new place of residence. Naturally, first and foremost you must be certain what the regulations about animals are at the building you will be moving into. Then you fill have to check out where the pet friendly parks nearby are, and of course be certain where the vet whose services you will be using and other amenities are. It is always handy to be prepared than not to be.

On your moving day

One thing that might be a good idea to consider is giving your pet to a boarding facility for the duration of your moving day. In this way the cat or dog will not get in the way while you and your movers are going about your business, loading, checking items on your checklist in the last minute. Of course, you will also minimise the risk of your pet getting lost in the chaos. It happens much more often than you might think.

You should have in mind is that when you are travelling with a pet, the ride to the location will take longer. Furthermore, big dogs cannot travel in-cabin, so you need to make sure that everything is okey with their accommodations in the back of the van or Luton truck that you will be hiring for the moving day.

The most important thing however remains that you have to keep your calm and do not let stress overcome you.