Making a Summertime Office Move Easy-Peasy

Summer is one of the best seasons to move home. But the same cannot always be said about office relocations. Not all businesses have the freedom to organise this important process during this particular season. During this time of the year, employees are distracted since they are anticipating their upcoming vacations. The weather can be excruciatingly hot and for some businesses, summers are high seasons. Still, if you need to move to a new office now, you can make this process easy-peasy by:

  • Finding a reliable removals company
  • Strategically picking your moving day
  • Preparing for a slow business season
  • Avoiding the hot temperatures

Spring is considered to be the best time of the year to relocate a business but we will now show you that a summertime office move will not be a problem for you either as long as you go about it carefully.

Hire movers

If you have decided to move office in the summer, do not even try to DIY it. This will only lead to considerable downtimes – something that will not benefit your company. The best thing you can do is to book a team of trusted moving experts that can provide you with fast and budget-friendly office relocation services in London. By doing so, you will not need to assign any move-related tasks to your team which will let them focus on their job. Plus, having qualified movers by your side is also an effective way to minimise risks and the chance of potential accidents and delays during the relocation.

Schedule the move for July or August

As it was already mentioned, people love to move home in the summer. As a result, however, professional moving companies tend to increase their fees during that season. The high demand also means that property removal businesses are not always able to take new bookings, especially those made at short notice. Still, you may have more luck finding a qualified man with a van in Kilburn NW6, for instance, who can fit you into their busy schedule without forcing you to pay a small fortune for their services if you schedule the relocation in July-August. Those are the two hottest months of the year and both families and businesses prefer to avoid moving when temperatures hit the roof. By going against that trend, you can land a bargain deal.

Let employees go on a vacation

No matter how thoroughly you plan the moving process and how many seasoned movers and helpers you hire, you need to prepare and accept the fact that this summer may end up being rather slow for your business. Therefore, there is no point in keeping your employees chained to their desks while the relocation is in motion. Let them go and enjoy their vacations. Otherwise, their productivity will drop and that again will not have a positive effect on the company’s performance.

Set up utilities in the new office in advance

Do not forget to have all utilities ready and set up in your new office even before the first boxes have been transported there. The unpacking will be easier and faster when the AC is on.