Accident-Proof Ways to Pack and Move Lamps

Lamps are among the most commonly damaged items during a domestic move. It is not hard to see why – they are fragile and they also need to be packed in a very specific way. To complete the latter task, you will need to:

  • Find special lamp boxes
  • Clean them
  • Disassemble them
  • Pack the lamp, lampshade and the bulb separately
  • Label each of them appropriately

Choose your boxes wisely

Did you know that there are special boxes designed for the packing of lamps? Just ask your local man and van in West Hendon, for instance, if they will be able to deliver you a few such options. They have a rectangular shape which effectively prevents the item from shifting during the transportation stage of the relocation. If you do not have any lamp cardboard boxes, you can use a traditional medium-sized one. However, avoid packing two or more lamps together.

Clean and disassemble the lamp

Now that you have selected the right box in which to pack your favourite lamp, you need to unplug and wipe it from dust. Use your vacuuming machine to clean a fabric lampshade. Use a moist cloth to remove dust and fingerprints from the surfaces of the lamp. If there is a dirt built-up, you can gently rub alcohol to remove it before you proceed with the packing. After that, disassemble the item. Start by removing the light bulb, then the shade and the harp. This is necessary because the best and safest way to pack any lamp is by separately wrapping each of its parts.

Packing the body of the lamp

Use bubble wrap to prepare your lamp for the road. Use tape to secure the position of the bubble wrap and to prevent it from unrolling. Don’t forget to also wrap the bottom of the item.

Packing the bulb

If you are planning on taking other light bulbs from your old home, you need to pack them together. Place them in a standard large box but do opt for one that has compartments. Wrap each bulb with bubble wrap and put it in one of these compartments.

Packing the shade

To wrap the lampshade, use packing paper. Do not use newspapers or bubble wrap for this part of the lamp. Newspapers can leave ink marks and bubble wrap can damage the shape of delicate lampshades. Put the shade in a separate box from the lamp itself. If you need to pack several lampshades, feel free to place them in the same cardboard box. However, choose one that is big enough to fit it all and to still be able to be easily closed.

Label the boxes

No matter how many moving boxes you have used to prepare your lamps for their handling and transportation, take the time to label each of them. Mark them as “Fragile” to let the movers know that they need to be moved with great care.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that most lamps do not cost a lot of money. So, if you want to save on packing supplies and move home in a time-efficient manner, you can just order brand-new lamps for your next home and use an affordable store delivery service in London to make your shopping process quicker and more hassle-free.