Fragile Item Moving in London

We are the leading moving company offering specialized fragile Item moving service in London. If you have some expensive but fragile goods that you need to get transported across London, give Monster Man and Van a call. We will make sure that the delivery is made with utmost care and respect, and the security of your goods is guaranteed on all stages of the process.

Preparation – the key to success

After we are informed about the nature of the fragile item moving job you need us to assist you with, we are going to take every step to guarantee its successful completion. We will inspect the premises from which we will collect the items and the ones we will deliver them to. The necessary measures will be taken to prevent complications created by narrow hallways, stairs, lack of elevator and others.

Quality packing supplies equate peace of mind

Delicate Item Removal in LondonPacking is another vital part of every fragile item moving job. We will bring the proper packing supplies – durable double-walled removal boxes, wrapping and everything else that we deem necessary. We will use tested methods to prepare the goods for the road and then carefully load them on a suitable van from our huge fleet. As the most respectable man and van firm in London, we have access to a wealth of removal vehicles that are suited to any line of work, so have no doubt that we are going to provide you with the best fragile item moving in London service imaginable.

We offer you:

  • Competitive prices
  • Full insurance liability
  • Flexible schedule
  • Guaranteed safety of your goods

Call us today or drop our around the clock customer support a call for booking and a free quote for the full price of your project.

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