What to Be Mindful of When Looking for a Rental Home

Did you know that in some cases, it can be much easier to find excellent quality man and van services in Willesden NW10 or any other part of London for that matter than to find the right rental home for your needs and budget? And when you do find The One, you still need to be wary because:

  • Not all landlords are tenant-friendly
  • There may be some unexpected costs
  • You will need to prepare a set of documents
  • You may never see your tenancy deposit again

Still, do not let that scare you. Instead, let it serve as a warning and as a motivation to beware, be prepared and be informed.

Know your rights as a tenant

Most tenants are well aware of their responsibilities. For example, they know that they need to pay their rent on time, maintain the property in a good condition, ask for the landlord’s permission before making any significant changes in the home, etc. Yet not many are those renters that actually know their rights. The law protects tenants from unfair rent and eviction and it allows them to question and dispute high fees and rental charges. Visit the UK’s government service website if you want to keep yourself informed.

Prepare your documents in advance

Just like you need hassle-free packing services in London in order to properly prepare for your upcoming relocation, you need to gather a list of documents if you are planning to move to a rental home anywhere in the country. Keep in mind that if you are eyeing affordable rental properties, you will need to compete against many other potential tenants. To secure yourself a head start in that race, get all your paperwork ready in advance. Ask your former landlords to give you a reference, get your credit ratings, make copies of your employment contract and bank documents… If you have a pet, you may also need to ask your veterinarian for a reference and to create a pet resume for renting.

Try to strike a better deal

These days, rental prices are quite steep. So, if you want your landlord to give you a price cut, keep your eyes open for potential problems with the property. A cracked window glass, outdated washing machine, mould in the bathroom… anything that will require even a minor repair. That will help you haggle for a lower price.

Protect your deposit

Hopefully, you have already set money aside for your tenancy deposit. By law, landlords are obliged to return that deposit when the tenant decides to move out in the case that they leave the property in the condition in which they found it. But sometimes this alone will not be enough to protect your rental deposit. Therefore, you will need to find the time to check if your money is secured by one of the following schemes: My Deposits, Tenancy Deposit Scheme or Deposit Protection Service.

Sign a tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreements exist not only to protect the rights of landlords but to also ensure that those of tenants are respected. So, be sure to sign such a document but do read it before you put your name on it.