Moving with kids – the stress-free way

Home moving is stressful, and when there are little children involved in the process, matter can become even more complicated. That does not come to say that you cannot take measures to reduce the strain of your upcoming house removal with kids by taking a number of simple yet proven to work steps.

An easy guide to properly moving with your little ones

Our top priority is your comfort which is why the tips that we are going to give you here have been tested numerous times in the field and have proven to yield excellent results:

  • Get the little ones as involved in the relocation as possible. If they are big and independent enough, you can leave it to them to pack a part of their stuff. Additionally, let them decide what they are going to do with their room at the new place – leave it to them to decide on the colour of the walls, the arrangement of the furniture and other little details that will help them get excited about the move and would motivate them.
  • Think about booking a vacation in order to let the kids and yourself for that matter have a little fun right after the move. It might not sound like a very good idea at first, because there will be so many other things to do, but you will thank us later. If your schedule or budget does not permit a vacation, even a day trip to a local adventure park, the zoo or another exciting location will do the trick. There is no sense in leaving the fun for later, when you can have it sooner, right?
  • Family with childrenWhen you arrive at your new address, you will need to unpack your kid’s room firs The offspring has to feel at home right away, and this cannot happen with all their toys in boxes. Once you are done with that you can move to the kitchen, so that the favourite meal can be prepared and the family can have a celebratory dinner in honour of the big transition.
  • Set up play-dates with friends of your kid. This is applicable if you are moving within the territory of the same city, but is still manageable in other circumstances when you have acquaintances in your new are that have kids. It is important to help your little ones realise that even though you have changes addresses this does not mean they will be alone.

A bonus tip

As with any house removal, you will need a properly equipped, trained and licensed team of professional movers to help you make the relocation easier on your kids. The right man and van movers in Marks Gate can make all the difference in the world, and at Monster Man and Van we offer comprehensive and very child friendly man and van solutions in Rush Green, Marks Gate and any other territory within present day Greater London, so do not hesitate to give us a call.