Hustle and Bustle Escapes or London’s Quietest Areas

If you are tired of London’s hustle and bustle, you may feel tempted to move to some other UK town or city. But before you call your local team of movers and ask them how much they would charge you for an all-around fragile item moving in London or long-distance relocation service, you need to try out another cheaper, faster and more obvious solution – moving to some of the more quieter districts in the English capital. These neighbourhoods are usually:

  • Not so popular with tourists
  • Do not offer convenient public transport links

Are less attractive for home buyers

  • Rather isolated and remote

Luckily, that is not always the case and even when it is, you can always count on high-quality moving services such as finding an equipped and fully-insured man and van in Monken Hadley EN5. This list is not about discussing and ranking the most remote and unattractive areas in London but those that offer all the advantages of city living and yet serve as an excellent escape from the noise and the crowds in the city centre.

Pictured: Kew Garden


On theory, Highgate should be a busy and noisy neighbourhood. After all, it is set not far from Stoke Newington, Hampstead and Marylebone. In reality, however, it is a shockingly peaceful and relaxed spot. In many ways, living in Highgate feels like living in some charming English village – there is plenty of green open space, leafy streets and a strong community feel. Property prices here are not very cheap but compared to those in the highly desirable neighbourhoods located nearby such as Belsize Park, for instance, they are quite the bargain.


Not all village-like districts in London are quiet. Greenwich is the living proof of that – plenty of village charm but always noisy, packed with tourists and with heavy traffic. But before you take your area search elsewhere, look a little closer. Blackheath, for instance, is a neighbourhood located right next to Greenwich. Because of that is offers a wealth of nice restaurants, unique buildings, shops and amenities. But because it is not home to Cutty Sark, the Old Royal Naval College and all other tourist landmarks ground in SE10, it offers a pleasant, laid-back and, above all, quiet atmosphere. Such hidden gems always hide in plain sight. You just need to look closely to discover them.


If you don’t mind living in more isolated parts of the English capital, you can book a reliable man with a van in Romford RM1 and move to that or other spot set in the outskirts of Greater London. But if you prefer to live in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, the borough voted as the best one to live in the capital, move to Kew. Here you will enjoy all the benefits of riverside living. Local public transport links are incredibly convenient and you will have no trouble getting to any other part of the city. Plus, you will have the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as your neighbour.