What NOT to Buy for Your New Home

Yay! You have just moved into your new home and you can’t wait to start a new chapter of your life. All the moving boxes are now unpacked and you have started to arrange your possessions around the property. This is usually the moment when you realise – they are so many things which you need to buy for your new house! Rubbish bins, new locks, cleaning supplies, toilet paper… Luckily, you can use flexible store delivery services in London for the bulkier of these purchases. This type of service is so useful and convenient that you may get carried away with the shopping. To help you avoid making any unnecessary expenses so soon after your domestic relocation, we will list some of the things you do NOT really need to buy for your new flat or house:

  • A ton of decorations
  • Various types of furniture
  • An abundance of kitchen gadgets and small cooking appliances
  • Bargain finds that come in bulks

Save your new home from an early overdose on decorations

Unless you have scheduled your home removal around the Christmas holiday season, do not fill your house with various decorations. We know that you probably have a lot of fantastic décor ideas but do not put them on top of your shopping list. Spend some time living in the property first to get to feel its atmosphere and to decide how you would like to change and refresh it. The next step would be to come up with some decorating focal point, theme or colour palette and to work around it. That will prevent you from filling your house or flat with random décor pieces.

Buy furniture, just don’t buy all of it now

Just like you need to spend some quality time in your new home to get the chance to carefully think through your décor ideas, you should follow that same strategy when it comes to furniture too. If you fill the property with all sorts of items from the very first week, you may end up calling a qualified man with a van in Osidge N14 or some other part of London who can transport your excessive collection of furniture pieces to a nearby storage facility. Therefore, start by just investing in the most basic items such as a dining table, chairs and beds.

You do not need all those small kitchen appliances

A popcorn maker, egg boiler, spiralizer, rice cooker, Belgian waffle iron… unless you are opening a store for small kitchen appliances, there is no point in making such purchases. You can easily boil an egg, cook rice and prep all other dishes using standard kitchen appliances such as an oven and a microwave.

Shopping for groceries in bulks

Buying and moving to a new home is expensive. This is why people who have recently relocated are usually on the red. In their attempt to resuscitate their bank account, they become avid bargain hunters and start shopping for dirt-cheap everyday domestic items such as toiletries, food, etc. But bulk shopping is not the best way to limit your expenses. There are many ways in which this can go wrong. For instance, you may end up hating your new low-cost shampoo or you may realise that you will not be able to consume all 10 milk cartons you bought last week before their expiration date.