Get rid of the stuff you don’t need when packing

When preparing for removal, you probably assume that you need to pack everything. But you really don’t because there are so many things you don’t use or you simply don’t’ need anymore. Why bother packing and loading on the truck when in fact you should toss or donate some of them. Continue reading and find out how to be more organized and how to save your time by not packing things you will not need in the future.

Pare down your belongings

Removal is a great opportunity to pare down your things and get rid of those that you do not need or want. You will be going through everything anyway so use that time to separate items such as:

  • clothes you don’t need or want anymore, clothes that don’t fit
  • broken items and those that cannot be repaired
  • furniture you no longer need
  • items that are just taking up the space and creating a clutter

Items you consider should go into a garbage bin, toss them. You can donate the rest of your things to people who need them or facilities that will be happy to take them like charity, schools, etc.

Hazardous chemicals

Cardboard moving boxHazardous chemicals are prohibited to move by professional movers, at least in most cases. You probably own some of these, including paint, gasoline, poisons, liquid bleach and other chemicals that could spill and damage your belongings. This is why you should get rid of these items before removal. Even if these chemicals can be moved by the moving company, you should rather choose not to transport them for health and safety reasons and rather give them away.


A long-way removal shouldn’t include moving perishable food items. If you are moving long-distance and it takes more than a few hours to arrive, try to eat the food that you can’t take with you. If something is left, give it to your friends or a food bank because you cannot take it with you. Not only it will spoil but you will waste your time to pack and then to clean and toss everything in the bin.

Priority box

When moving, you will probably have a priority box with items that are valuable such as jewellery, important documents, medicines, or other fragile items that are valuable to you. Make sure you set aside such items first and pack this box last. Keep the box with you in your car. Do not load it on the moving truck. You will be rest assured that everything is safe and there in case you need some of the items.

Packing is a complex and responsible task. Organization is the key to a successful packing. Some things should be packed while others should go in the trash bin or to charity. So, take your time and decide what you can live without in your new home. Therefore, get rid of the items you do not need and save time and space. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need when packing.