Useful Packing Tips for Every Move

When you are looking for the best way to take the most out of your moving experience and reduce the pressure, stress and strain that the whole ordeal might be causing you, there is one vital aspect of the project to take care of first. That is of course, the packing. The following guide will help you complete the job faster, up to better results and with minimal stress and/or strain. It is worth checking out indeed.

Packing 101: the basic things to know

Packing for a moveThe important thing to remember is that every moving project has its specifics – hence you might need to adjust your packing procedures accordingly. If you are not sure what and how to do, you can always consult your movers or even request a professional packing service in London from them, so that you do not have to bother with the job. If you are set on saving a few bucks, or you just prefer to have things in control, here are a few basic things to have in mind:

  • Packing is a voluminous work – you are going to need quite a lot of time in order to tackle it properly, so set aside such an amount. It is recommended that you start packing at least two weeks prior to your moving date.
  • Work a room at a time. Thus you will avoid chaos, and actually – by getting organised – you will be able to finish up quicker.
  • Get enough supplies, including boxes, wrapping paper and bubble wrap, foam, labels etc. Enough means at least 10 percent more than you estimate you are going to need. It is always better to have a couple of boxes to spare at the end of the whole ordeal than to be short in the last minute, when you have nowhere to get more.
  • Get everyone in the household involved in the process – packing is a good time to nurture team work in your family.
  • Do not forget that any essentials that you are going to need in the first couple of days at the new place are to go separately. Those might include toothbrush and paste, change of clothes, medicine, documents, valuables, toilet paper, coffee etc.

And some pro tips about materials

You should have in mind that packing materials come in a variety of shapes, sizes and quality. Cardboard boxes that are used in stores for putting goods in them are widely accessible and often used for packing, but they are not durable enough to guarantee the safety of your possessions. There are special moving boxes, usually double walled and further strengthened, that are suitable for the purposes you need. The same goes for bubble wrap. There are three types of bubble wrap depending on the durability of the materials used. The one of the lowest quality, though cheaper, can protect your goods from only minor scratching. You will have to cough up a little more cash in order to guarantee the protection of your items. But it will be worth it.