Through Rain and Shine – Seasonal Moving Guide

Which is the best season to move home? It is hard to answer that question because each of the four seasons has its own ways of challenging your house relocation. There are many variables which you need to consider such as:

  • Moving prices;
  • The weather;
  • The availability of quality moving services;
  • The schedule of the members of your household;

Of course, if you manage to find a reliable moving solution such as hiring a seasoned man and van in Sidcup DA14, DA15, you are not likely to have problems with any of these things. That is because a client-friendly moving service is convenient, affordable and effective throughout the entire year. But even if you do manage to book such a team of pros, you will still benefit from our seasonal moving tips.

Moving in the spring

The spring is not a bad time to move home. The weather is slowly starting to warm up and road conditions are improving. Sure, rainfalls can sometimes be heavy in the spring but so what. If you buy some plastic covers for your moving boxes, you will be able to keep them dry. The problem is that this time of the year marks the start of the peak moving season. As a result, moving prices start to increase which may force you to set a higher relocation budget. Also, unless you rely on a flexible man and van service in Ratcliff E1 or in some other London area, you may have a difficult time moving home at the last minute. Spring relocations should be planned, organised and booked in advance to avoid spending a lot of money and racing against time.

Moving in the summer

Tire snow tracks of a moving vanSummer is when the moving house season reaches its peak. In other words, moving companies are super busy, moving costs are extremely high and same-day moves are nearly impossible to organise. Therefore, if you want to move home in the summer, accept the fact that you will need to spend even more money. Also, prepare to make compromises when picking a moving date because reputable movers will be up to their necks in work. If you don’t want to postpone your summer vacation because of your relocation, use a comprehensive home removal service in London that includes packing, storage and other extras. Don’t forget to always carry water with you. That will help you to stay hydrated.

Moving in the fall

Unless you have kids at school, this is an excellent time to move house. Prices are falling, the weather is cooling down – what more could you ask for? Still, have your utilities in your new home set up in advance so that you can spend your first night after the move in a warm house.

Moving in the winter

Weather-wise this the worst season to move home. But while road conditions in the winter are terrible, moving home won’t cost you too much. That is especially true if you book affordable man and van in Tooting Bec SW17. So, if you want to relocate on a budget, this is the ideal time to do that. Just remember to wrap your items in blankets to protect them from the cold. Also, keep mud and snow away from your floors by covering them with old towels and mats.