3 Top Areas in the London Borough of Sutton

If you wish to live in London, but you’d rather be spared from the stress and hassle of the most central and busting parts of the capital; if good transport connections, reliable infrastructure and strong local community, all served on reasonable prices are important to you; if you prefer South London much more over the northern counterpart, then the London Borough of Sutton is the right place for you.

Key facts about Sutton

The area of this borough is estimated to be 43 square kilometres and has population count on 203 200 according to the latest census. As such Sutton ranks in the higher tier of local authorities in England in terms of number of local residents. The borough lies in the south-western corner of Greater London, and it is as further away from the City as you can possibly hope to be while still remaining within the capital. This seemingly isolated location, however, does not mean that Sutton is a bad place – quite the contrary, the area reaps the benefits of good local economy and excellent transport links – via roads and train alike, so that you can enjoy all the positive aspects of living in London, while being spared from many of the unpleasant things: pollution, nightmare traffic, constant stream of people, etc.

Local landmarks, as well as cultural institutions,  are abundant. Some of the places that we cannot miss to mention include:

  • The Charles Cryer Theatre, Carshalton
  • The Secombe Theatre, Sutton town centre
  • Carew Manor, Beddington
  • Church of St Mary the Virgin, Beddington, Sutton
  • River Wandle
  • Little Holland House, Carshalton
  • Sutton Library, Sutton town centre
  • Sutton Life Centre, Sutton
  • Honeywood Museum, Carshalton
  • Arts Network Sutton
  • Whitehall Gallery, Cheam
  • Nonsuch Mansion, Cheam

The public art in the town centre of Sutton also attracts the attention of visitors and creates a unique atmosphere for local residents.

The question, however, remains, if you would like to relocate to the borough, which of its many fine districts you should choose as your place of residence. There is not one answer; however, we would like to help you out by pointing you in the direction of the three top districts in Sutton according to popular opinion.

Pictured: A view of Sutton High Street

The historic heart of the borough

The place that gives its name to the entire area is the old town of Sutton. Records of this principal settlement date back to the Norman Conquest, but it grew really big by the end of the Victorian Era and at the beginning of the 20th century. Sutton became part of Greater London after the administrative reform in 1965. To this day Sutton is celebrated for its strong community spirit, probably best exemplified by the Sutton and Cheam Society. Founded in 1959, it was created with the purpose to protect local landmarks and the heritage of the area as a whole. Sutton benefits from the presence of a number of open green spaces too, such as Banstead Downs, Benhilton, Sutton Green, Manor Park, the Anton Crescent Wetland reserve and a few more. A reliable man and van in Sutton SM1 is easy to find too.

Pictured: Sutton Green

On the border

Divided between Sutton and Kingston, Worcester Park is a community that becomes more and more attractive by the year. One of the more affluent developments in Sutton, and served by excellent man and van teams in Worcester Park KT4, the district has its focal point at Central Road, where you are going to find pubs, restaurants, retailers and salons to satisfy all your needs. The local railway station will bring you to central London in less than 30 minutes. Once you start living in Worcester Park, you will never look back.

The cosy suburb

Book a fast man with a  van in Wallington SM6 right away if you want to relocate to a quiet community that can provide you with the peace of comfort you have been looking for a long time. The majority of the area is residential in character, with mainly tree-lined streets and semi-detached and detached houses characterising its architecture. However, you will find a number of retailers, a food market and other amenities within the boundaries of Wallington which will cater to your needs and spare you long trips for even the simplest of shopping tasks.