Choosing a residence

It is a raging age long question regarding ones residence’s nature. People have been arguing about it being better to spend your life at a house or a flat. If there was just one correct answer then we wouldn’t have the other type o housing at all nowadays, would we? This is why it is a free world, because everyone can decide on the investment they are willing to make. There are several pros and cons about living at a house or an apartment and in the end of the day it is important only how you feel personally about your residence. We will discuss some advantages and disadvantages on both (and will also mention renting) by focusing on the following points:

  • Size
  • Maintaining
  • Location
  • Number of family members
  • Other

A house is by many experts the best residence to own.

British houseOf course that houses have one huge advantage over apartments. It’s size and space. Owning a house ensures that you will have plenty of room for your furniture and you will rarely feel trapped inside of your own home. This allows you to host parties and to do all sorts of stuff on the floor including playing board games or watching a movie. Size is also important when you want to have some more cool things inside your living room or another room for that matter. You can have a fire place installed and even get a pinball machine. You can also get as large of a sofa as you wish and this also goes for dining tables and cupboards. The only thing that stops most people from achieving that is money. Big properties are rarely affordable and only a few people in each city can say they really have a big house. Moving in and out of such properties can also be tough as you will need a full scale professional man and van company to assist you in this endeavour. Maintaining a big house can also be a challenge as you will need hours and hours every week in order to keep it clean. Things get even worse if you have children and pets. Rich families can afford a maid but if you can’t then you better roll up those sleeves and start rubbing. Location also plays a role and houses are usually not near the centre of their respective cities. To some it is a blessing and to others it is a curse. Yes, you get a quiet neighbourhood but many times public transport isn’t flexible enough and you get stuck in heavy traffic on your way to work every day. A great perk is having a yard. There you can really fulfil your dreams. If you want you can grow your own garden with flowers and fruit. Or you can build a small court and install a basketball hoop for example. You can play with your dog or children if you have a lawn. Many people put a table and some chairs outside so they can spend time and relax in the garden. The yard also separates your house from your neighbours and you do not need to listen your music on low volume all the time.

People are greedy by nature and they want to have more. Even if you think the size of your flat is good enough, you will at some point come to the realization that you need more space to store your belongings. We do not need spacious rooms to run around in. We simply need space in order to store our goods. People keep buying stuff all the time and if you live at an apartment with no or small attic then you will need to either dump things or move out. Size is more often than not a drawback when it comes to living at an apartment. That is unless you can afford one of those top floor suites at downtown London which overlook the Parliament or The London Eye. But since we are talking about average people here, we will agree that owning a house gives you more freedom in terms of room. Flats are attractive, however to people who simply want to be near the action in big cities. People who wish to get to work quicker and don’t mind the occasional loud argument by their neighbours. If you travel a lot and rarely stay at home, then you are probably fine with even a one bedroom flat. People who spend their time traveling around the world won’t perhaps need a huge backyard to build a shed and play with a dog. To many people their residence is just a place to crash. This way they do not need to care a lot about keeping the place clean because if you spend half an hour each week on vacuuming and wiping dust it just might be enough. Flats are also excellent for people who do not have big families. You simply do not need more than three rooms if you are all by yourself. This will give you plenty of room to install whatever you want at home – even a table for foosball. Another big perk of living at a flat is the view. Many apartment buildings are rather tall and since they are usually built near the centre it can reveal a great view during night and daytime. This should not be overlooked as it might affect the price of the property significantly.

You can always rent and not care about many things

Many folks prefer not owning anything and simply sticking to renting. Certainly renting a house is not as popular of an option as renting a flat but either way your obligations are significantly fewer with either. Yes, you will need to keep the place clean but to the extent at which it satisfies the landlord. You are not to worry about renovations and repairs as it is not your responsibility. On top of all that, you can simply move out the moment you decide. You are not going to worry about selling the property once you do not wish to live in it anymore.