Move Your Furniture or Buy New When Relocating

When you are relocating to a new home, you will face a number of dilemmas. Should you transport your items with your car or hire a reliable man and van in Tooting SW17 to that for you? Should you schedule your move on a weekend or during the workweek? Is it appropriate to tip your movers or no? But one of the questions that will torture your mind the most is whether to take your old furniture with you or to simply buy new furniture pieces for your new home. The answer depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your budget;

  • The distance between your old and new houses;

  • The condition of your furniture;

  • The type of property you are about to move in;

That is namely why it can be hard to decide what to do in such a case. We will make your decision-making process more painless and easy by giving you a few good reasons to ditch your old furniture pieces and a few more to keep them. Hopefully, that will help you out.

Reasons to move your old furniture

The top reason why most people choose to keep their old bed or their wobbly table is because they cannot afford to buy a new one at the moment. But aside from your current financial situation, you should also evaluate other things.

In an excellent condition

If you have recently purchased the sofa in your living room or the nightstands in your bedroom, it will be a real shame if you leave them behind, especially if you still have not had the chance to properly enjoy them.

You don’t have a lot of furniture pieces

Students and young professionals usually do not own a lot of furniture. So, if you only have a small desk and a couple of chairs, moving them is not likely to throw your budget off balance.

High sentimental or monetary value

No matter how much it will cost you and what it will take you to move that heavy armoire that your grandmother left you or your antique coffee table, we are sure that you will pay the price. Some furniture pieces are worth the sacrifice. A premium quality man and van service in Southfields SW18, SW19 is a must in such cases.

Reasons to buy new furniture

If your old furniture is too outdated, in a bad state or simply ugly, you are probably looking forward to buying new ones. Just don’t forget to use professional store delivery services in London to ensure your new purchase arrives quickly and safely to your home.

The distance is too great

When moving to a different city or a country, there is really no point in dragging your old furniture pieces with you. The cost of packing and transporting them will be greater than that of buying new ones.

Not a good match

If your furniture does not fit in your new home or if its style does not match that of your property, you will definitely need to do some furniture shopping.

And if you are moving into a rental home that is pre-furnished, you won’t need to do either of these things. Well, maybe you should put some of your old furniture pieces in a storage unit in case you come to need it again at some point in the future.