The Fun Side of Westminster

Westminster is one of the most fascinating London Boroughs. That is not only because it functions both as a borough and a city but also because it has a serious and a fun side. Even though it is home to the Houses of the Parliament and the Queen’s residence, Westminster is also known for its […]

Moving with kids – the stress-free way

Family with children

Home moving is stressful, and when there are little children involved in the process, matter can become even more complicated. That does not come to say that you cannot take measures to reduce the strain of your upcoming house removal with kids by taking a number of simple yet proven to work steps. An easy […]

Get to know Lambeth better

Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

Lambeth has become one of the trendiest of all 32 boroughs of London. When you come to think about it, it is only logical, for the simple reason that the area is located very near Central London – right across the River Thames to the south of the City. Because of it, it is a […]

If you are wondering where in Enfield to settle down

Enfield Town - Palace Exchange

We are happy to rapport that Enfield is one of the finest boroughs in London where one can build a home in. Located in the northernmost premises of Greater London, Enfield contains fine suburban developments that enjoy comfortable connections to the central parts of the capital, as well as extensive open green spaces, including such […]

Why do we need man and van services?

A Moving Van

There are so many means of transportation when it comes to people that we rarely bother ourselves with the eventual problems we might have when it comes to moving goods from one place to another. It turns out that short distance deliveries can often times be a big headache in comparison to larger orders. If […]

London Borough of Harrow – A Place of Contrasts

Pinner High Street

The London Borough of Harrow is located in the northwestern part of the English capital and it has a population of about 247,000 people. With its low crime rate, green and tree-lined streets, excellent schools, the borough is like a magnet for families and young professionals. Even though Harrow is often viewed as one of […]

Major landmarks in the London Borough of Ealing

Grand Union Canal

Ealing is a one of the west London boroughs that are to be found on the north bank of the River Thames. At the current moment the total territory that is being covered by Ealing is 55.53 square kilometres and has population of 343 100. Ealing is primarily a residential area and as part of Outer […]

Hillingdon borough – several important areas

Market House, Uxbridge

Hillingdon is a relatively large borough that occupies the westernmost parts of Greater London. The area is very important from an economical and cultural point of view. Formed after the administrative reforms of 1965, Hillingdon has a total area of 115.70 square kilometres and population of 292 690. Like all London Boroughs, Hillingdon contains quite […]

The Borough of Camden – Different from Every Angle

King's Cross railway station

Camden is one of the smallest London boroughs. Its territory occupies an area of barely 21.8 square kilometres. In comparison, the capital’s largest borough, Bromley, spans over a territory of more than 150 square kilometres. Despite its modest size, Camden is a mix of different worlds, each more colourful and amusing than the previous one. […]

The Royal Borough Of Greenwich

The Royal borough of Greenwich officially received its name in 1965 when it was formed as a result of merging two old London boroughs – Greenwich and Woolwich. While a fine area and a nice place to live, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is perhaps known best for the fact that the Prime Meridian passes […]