Moving a Bike – Not so Easy After All

Disassembled bike

Cycling is a popular mode of transport in London. Although the local population is not as dedicated and open to bicycles as that in Copenhagen, for example, there are many great places and parks where you can ride your bike in peace. What is more, many people commute to work on bicycles. And while a […]

Pet Friendly Removals – Not as Difficult

Cat and a dog

Moving houses is tough, and it can potentially become even tougher if you are moving with your favourite pet animal by your side. The stress can take a toll on the poor thing, not to mention that animals can actually get in the way of the preparations for the whole moving day. So here are […]

A Quick Exploration Trip in the Borough of Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark is located in the southern part of the English capital. Although many people think of it as the borough sitting opposite of the City of London, Southwark too has a strong local economy. Many companies with a global presence have offices in the area and the borough is a key […]

Five things to do to chill out after a removal

London Eye

Moving homes is among the most stressful experiences that a person can go through in life. That is a fact that has been discussed and proven to be true by numerous researchers. Another fact however is that every once in a while you will have to move homes. That’s a natural thing. In order to […]

Pointers on how to find the ideal office for your business

Felicitations, your newly established firm is growing, generating revenue and giving you the possibility to hire employees. All this means that you must find a new and larger office from which you can carry out your daily affairs more professionally and comfortably. Nevertheless, choosing the right place of work can be quite challenging, as there […]

Richmond upon Thames – An Affluent Outer London Borough

Oxford vs Cambridge boat race

Did you know that there is only one London Borough which is set on the south and the north banks of the River Thames? The Borough of Richmond upon Thames has districts on both sides of the Thames. The Borough itself is located in the capital’s south-western part and almost half of it is covered […]

Pointers that will allow you to deal with the stress of a relocation


Moving from one place to another can be both good and bad. The idea of commencing a new chapter in your life sounds exciting and marvellous but on the other hand, relocations are stressful endeavour that tend to be laborious and time consuming. Adopt the correct mindset Even the most complex and backbreaking removals can […]

Moving on a Hot Day – Survival Guide

Hot day

It’s again that time of the year when temperatures outside fly off the chart. Being outside in the heat on a summer day is a challenge in its own right but what if you have to move home in this scorching weather? This scenario is anything but pleasant but if you don’t have any other […]

Benefits of Using a Storage Unit When Moving

Red storage

Have you ever wondered why so many certified moving companies bother providing professional storage services? Renting a storage unit when you are relocating has many advantages. In most of the cases, people opt for such services when: They need to move out quickly but they still have not found a new place When their new […]

Five fascinating areas in Waltham Forest

Pub by the rive - Upper Walthamstow

The London Borough of Waltham Forest lies in the northern parts of the English capital. It spans over an area of 14.99 square miles and was one of the six local boroughs that hosted the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games. Waltham Forest has an estimate population of 270.000 and a density rate of 18.000 people […]