Smart Entrepreneurs Know Its About “Location, Location, Location”

Office with cubicles

If you’re running a business, you may want to downsize a bit, at least where costs are concerned. Yes, being atop the wobbly world of private affairs is not an easy task for the faint at heart. Readers, ease up! Instead of giving in to gloom, you may want to find clever new ways to […]

Top residential areas in Tower Hamlets

Canals in Wapping

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is one of the most important places in the history and modernity of London. Located immediately to the east of the City, Tower Hamlets was initially developed as a part of the capital many centuries ago. During the height of […]

Through Rain and Shine – Seasonal Moving Guide

Tire snow tracks of a moving van

Which is the best season to move home? It is hard to answer that question because each of the four seasons has its own ways of challenging your house relocation. There are many variables which you need to consider such as: Moving prices; The weather; The availability of quality moving services; The schedule of the […]

Making A Studio Apartment Move Swift and Easy

A small flat

A common solution for many people who are looking to decrease their monthly expenses is to downsize and move into a smaller home. That is namely why studio apartments are so popular these days. Moving into such a property is not everyone’s cup of tea but it can indeed have a positive effect on your […]

The Constrasts of Islington

Islington is one of the smallest London Boroughs. Given the small territory of land which it occupies, however, it packs quite a lot of entertainment, fun and excitement. The borough offers a wealth of restaurants, cafes, theatres and cinemas. The cultural attractions in this part of London are truly abundant and include: Islington Museum Odeon […]

Iconic edifices in London

The Gherkin

The English capital is home to some of the most beautiful and majestic buildings in the world. Some of these structures were built centuries ago while others are modern edifices that display the immense technological and architectural advancement of humankind. Regardless of their age, these marvellous buildings have become internationally renowned landmarks that pull people […]

Useful Packing Tips for Every Move

Packing for a move

When you are looking for the best way to take the most out of your moving experience and reduce the pressure, stress and strain that the whole ordeal might be causing you, there is one vital aspect of the project to take care of first. That is of course, the packing. The following guide will […]

If You’re in Hammersmith and Fulham – Visit These Areas

Pillar Hall in Olympia Exhibition Centre

The Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham lies in the western parts of the British capital and is classified as an inner borough. It spans over an area of 16.40 square kilometres and is one of the smallest districts in England. According to the latest numbers, Hammersmith and Fulham has an estimate population of 180.000 people […]

Moving a Bike – Not so Easy After All

Disassembled bike

Cycling is a popular mode of transport in London. Although the local population is not as dedicated and open to bicycles as that in Copenhagen, for example, there are many great places and parks where you can ride your bike in peace. What is more, many people commute to work on bicycles. And while a […]

Pet Friendly Removals – Not as Difficult

Cat and a dog

Moving houses is tough, and it can potentially become even tougher if you are moving with your favourite pet animal by your side. The stress can take a toll on the poor thing, not to mention that animals can actually get in the way of the preparations for the whole moving day. So here are […]