What NOT to Buy for Your New Home

Yay! You have just moved into your new home and you can’t wait to start a new chapter of your life. All the moving boxes are now unpacked and you have started to arrange your possessions around the property. This is usually the moment when you realise – they are so many things which you […]

Benefits of the Internet When Moving House

If you’re about to move your house soon and you have access to the Internet, you have come to the right place. You can organise a stress-free removal from start to finish with the help of the Internet if you know what to look for and how to take advantage of all the possibilities out […]

Moving Across the Street – Harder Than It Seems

Having to relocate to a new city or to the other end of the world is difficult from a financial, logistical and psychological point of view. That is why we will not blame you if you simply want to move within your current neighbourhood or even across the street from your old home. Short-distance moves […]

Hidden Gems in the London Borough of Newham

Newham is the North East London borough that is rapidly becoming popular with young professionals looking for modern apartments and great retail opportunities, as well as with tourists who are eager to see this host borough for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Home to the London Olympic Stadium, the London Aquatics Centre and Premier League football […]

Why Hiring a Man and Van Is the Sensible Thing to Do?

If you are moving single items or even entire properties from one place in London to another, you might feel tempted to try and carry out the job on your own. The simple truth, however, is that hiring a man and van firm in the capital will provide you with much better results and spare […]

Best Ways to Pack Toiletries When Moving Home

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in a home and that is probably why most people think that they will only need half an hour to pack it. Well, chance will be a fine thing! If you keep a lot of toiletries in your bathroom, you are up for a challenge because those items: […]

Things You Should Throw Away Before You Move

If you are looking for a way to make your house move more budget-friendly, you should simply do some decluttering before you get to the packing stage. By getting rid of some of your possessions, you will be able to: Use a smaller moving vehicle Pack and move faster Enjoy more space in your new […]

The Beautiful Bexley is Waiting for You

If you have been wondering if there is one place in London that is better than the rest for you to move into in the foreseeable future, the answer is yes, there is. Bexley has the potential of becoming your favourite place in the capital due to its great collection of historic and cultural background, […]

Useful Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

Winter is a great time to move for several reasons. First, you will need to find an experienced moving company in London that will provide excellent services in a nick of time. Second, try to get the best movers at a reasonable price. Even though winter moving has its benefits, one should be aware of […]

Short-Notice Relocation – What to Do?

Moving is always stressful, but if you need to relocate from point A to point B on a short notice for whatever reason, things usually become complicated. There are however ways in which you can make the transition on yourself and any member of the household who could be coming with you. In short, it […]